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The BEA supports Black professionals and Black-led ventures in Tech, Food & Beverages, and more. Meet some of our graduates below.

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“I recommend this program to anyone willing to learn how to better themselves and grow their business. On top of networking opportunities outside of class time, I found a great support system of peers to help each other mentally. I learned a lot about myself as a business owner, and how my emotions can affect my profit, growth and skills. Getting to learn different points of view in a free environment helps us build better opportunities to work together in the community by connecting and supporting each other to ensure growth in our business goals.”

Christine Robinson

Chef Chrissy Cuisine

“Joining this program was probably the most powerful professional and developmental experience that I could have had… The collective experience of different minds from the city coming together under one roof was so inspiring. We were all at different points on our career path, so I learned a lot from both the professors and my peers.”

Fahad Y.

Manager at a social housing provider

“Being in a supportive space week after week with Black entrepreneurs and end engaged educators was what germinated the seeds that had been planted. Being in the program through BEA helped open our doors to customers in the summer of 2023.”

Samantha Harris

Our Neighbours’ Farm and Homestead

“BEA is the real deal! There are many programs in our community seeking to help entrepreneurs launch, grow and scale their businesses. BEA makes it happen! Not only do they provide you with the necessary training, skills, and education—they provide the connections that can give you the right opportunity to network and catapult your business to the next level.”

Donna Gardner

Mehetta Bammies

The BEA program allowed me to meet with amazing mentors and business resources that allowed me to "think outside of the box" where my business is concerned. With the help of this program, I can now pivot with confidence and reassurance. A big thank you to everyone involved with BEA. If you have a food or beverage business idea and want to take it to the next level, this is the program to get in.

Julie Denny

Sweet Treatz

The BEA team has been incredibly supportive of my early entrepreneurial journey. They've created an amazing community to help local Black founders like myself take their first steps!

Jonathon Bloomfield


Honestly, since joining BEA I've grown exponentially as a founder. Their wealth of resources & amazing workshops have helped me accelerate the growth of our business. I truly believe BEA will be a catalyst to creating the top Black owned startups in Canada!

Meveille Mukoko


This program was one of the best programs I’ve come across for my own personal growth in business but also just in confidence and readiness.

Chanee Dowdie

Honey Soul Food/ Cornbread Café

When MyPreconUnit.io becomes a household name...literally, and all puns intended, BEA will be the very group responsible for the shift in wealth equity because they believe in me and didn't let me quit.

Mutait Bello


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